Which of these transportation inventions or discoveries would you say was the most influential?

All these inventions have to do with transportation in one way or another, which would you argue was most important?
  • Automobile
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  • Steam Engine (trains)
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  • Flight (airplanes)
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  • Horseback Riding
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  • Seafaring (boats, ships etc)
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Wow. So I'm the only one who answered horse back riding. Haha!

    I find Horse Back Riding the most important one among all since horse back riding paved the way for all other modes of transportation to begin with. It's one of the foundations of how men thought of making automobiles, steamed engines, etc. It all starts from Horse Back Riding, then men thought of making carriages and chariots, another improvement. From there, men thought of inventing machinery that would provide "horse" power to those carriages, that would last longer than horses. So ergo, if it weren't for horse back riding, engines wouldn't be invented. That's how important horse back riding is...for me. :)


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What Girls Said 2

  • Ships..

    With them we discovered the world..

    Built trading empires and exchanged culture...

    Trains, Planes and Automobiles are nice..

    but ultimately, like the horse, useful, but unnecessary...

  • I'm going with boats or planes.


What Guys Said 4

  • Boats etc - by far.

    The earliest boats (dugout canoes) were an important mode of transport thousands of years before horses were first domesticated, and waterways have historically always been the quickest way of getting around (rivers and canals being the equivalent of modern freeways).

    Plus, colonialism has shaped the world more than just about anything, and that was only made possible by seafaring.

  • Seafaring made the biggest impact to the human civilization with trading and commerce over seas, easier transportation of cargo and finding new lands.

  • Considering about 70 percent of the earths surfaces is covered by water, I'll place my vote towards seamanship.

  • Steam Engines were the foundation of the increase in technological advances these days.


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