shaking loneliness, getting back into the groove

So I'm a 25 year old guy, I was married at 20 and had a 4 year marriage that didn't work out, it was going downhill for some time over the course of the next year after the split I partied my ass off, my year was full of meaningless hook ups, drugs and alcohol, I had the time of my life sometimes but eventually tired of it.

I find myself straying away from the Bar/Club scene more and more which I'm not quite sure is normal, I like meeting new people but often times don't have the energy now, but I also have the trait of hating to be alone since my relationship. All of my friends here are now either married or still too immature to kind of understand where I'm at.

In essence I have a lot going for me, I make pretty good money in a sales job and going to school part-time, lots of hobbies I sing, play guitar, write, going to shows, working out etc.. have some things to keep me occupied but this has been on my mind lately

My problem is I'm not trying to rush into a relationship or anything again but I've had nothing more than one nighters for the past yr.

I'm a good looking guy and a charmer from what I'm told, I usually say the right things.. so for all intensive purposes I should not be having a problem but it's all heartache for me right now.

just been desperately lonely and trying to fill my time with all my hobbies to not think about it, but I think part of having had something real before is you miss little things like watching movies at home or just chilling and not having to go out, I'm having a really hard time overcoming that right now and at the worst it throws me into a deep depression where my heart literally aches and I won't talk to anyone for days. I reminisce not necessarily about her since we had some hard times at the end but more of "someone" being there period,

being young and single doesn't seem to have the charm it once did and I'm trying to fig out how to get it back

So what are other things I can do to overcome this?

shaking loneliness, getting back into the groove
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