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Guys, would this bother you? Living underneath your ex-girlfriend?

So, My ex and I are in college together (rising seniors) and he and his roommate happened to pick the apartment underneath my roommates and I this spring. This is our second year living in this apartment building and this will be their first.

My ex and I dated for a year (sophomores), we had a pretty happy relationship till he broke up with me saying that he doesn't think he can make me happy and he didn't like the dynamic of our relationship towards the end since we were arguing a bit. I was insecure and wanted to spend more time with him and i guess he got sick of it.

Anyways, the past year was pretty hard especially junior fall semst... because we were in the same classes and he was ignoring me like I didn't exist... he jumped into a rebound long distance relationship very quickly... and then later around DEC, he decided he was going to be friendly towards me... him and the rebound broke up and he told me he missed me, loved, me blah blah, then 2-weeks after his breakup w/ rebound, he gets into another long distance relationship with his "best-friend." They've been together 5 months so far... and it just hit the year-break up mark for us... I've still been single...

This left me out in the dust confused as I was heart-broken and told him I needed space. I thought maybe I could be friends with him since we were on friendly terms 2nd part of our junior year, but hearing and seeing photos of him and his new gf... I jsut can't handle it...

So i told him that him and I can't be friends while I still have feelings for him... that I need to move on..

But he lives underneath me... I see him everyday (even in the summer because we're here for research...) and its driving me insane... knowing that he is sleeping, eating, having fun... and i'm up here... try'n to move on..

My question is... guys, even if you broke up with your girlfriend... and she lived above you... would that bother you a bit? Drive you a little crazy? Would you think about her at all?
Guys, would this bother you? Living underneath your ex-girlfriend?
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