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Is my bf over his ex Friend with benefits and am I his sugar momma?

I met my bf from out of state last August 2013. We had sparks fly within 2 days and then he left for school.. I would travel to see him every 2 weeks and learned early on his best friend was his recent FWB.. Didn't bother me much I didn't think we would last anyhow. He wanted me to meet her and she would text him for hrs when I came down to set up a time to meet and then she would bail on me. He would use her toilet if his were broken or her shower if his had only cold water and her laptop to do schoolwork on weekends, once pulling an all nighter at her place to get school work done. I've still never met her and she blocked me on social medias but he's still friends with her on them. He used to say her name in his sleep and I would tell him.. Now we can't talk about her for some reason because he gets irritated when I bring her up. They were friends with benefits from sept2012-nov/dec 2012 and she left him for her ex bf but still wanted to have sex with him. He was obsessed with her and couldn't get over her apparently until he met me but I don't feel like he's over her and it's been almost a year since we met. He deleted her off insta to make me happy but nothing else? And I also pay for EVERYTHING my expenses PLUS his. Football gear, groceries, phone chargers shoes clothes dates dinners his gas his school fees. Plus he would ask for cash to get by. he had money since he had work study and was on meal plan at school. He's gotten a bit better since he's been home for 2 months but not much. He spends over 200$ at Nike every time we go (my money). His gifts are DVDs or $50 perfume one time in the WHOLE RELATIONSHIP. Should I give it more time or has it already been wasted? Is he over his ex friends with benefits or just waiting for her to be single? And did I become a sugar momma by being there for him and supporting the man I love? He says they don't talk anymore.. But why is she still a big deal then?
he's waiting for this girl and I'm supporting him till she's available.
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He's over her now and I'm holding him up till he gets his feet under him
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Is my bf over his ex Friend with benefits and am I his sugar momma?
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