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Q/A Muslim woman beheaded, opinion?

Another day, another question.

Quick backstory before I get to my question. A random man recorded a video of a woman being dragged through Mecca and was (publicly in the streets) beheaded for, "apparently" abusing a child and killing it under her interpretation of Sharia Law. Due to this, she was beheaded under Sharia Law. Can someone explain to me how that works? I know we have many Muslims on this site so that would be appreciated.

Also my other question: What is your opinion on this newer issue (it differs from yesterdays beheading and the day before) with Sharia and that the guy who recorded the event being caned who now faces similar charges under Sharia.

You can read the stories here:

Do you have serious concerns about the state of the Islamic community as a whole? On one end you have the Muslim terrorists who we know well but now we see the "peaceful" citizens and how their day to day life goes.

That said, how would you look to handle and contain this issue considering there has been mass migrations to Europe?

GAG - This question has been screenshot as will each and every message you send me as you always do and forwarded to CNN, Fox and every other affiliate (as always) if the needed arises due to your desire to censor material that does not break your terms of service including the actual name of the who does so. This is a legitimate question, for a project, and well within the bounds of your terms, thank you.
Q/A Muslim woman beheaded, opinion?
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