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do you get road rage?

Do you get road rage? What's the worst thing you've ever done during a road rage episode?

I don't really get road rage... I am a calm driver... but since I live in California, I usually keep a pistol under my seat.

It was rush hour and I was doing the speed limit on the road. This one guy who is doing about 80 on the highway gets really mad at me for doing the speed limit and starts honking at me furociously. He then get's into the other lane, looks at me, flips me off speeds ahead and gets back in my lane. Now... he is in front of me.

The guy starts pressing his break and going very slow, speeds up, goes slow and continues to flip me off. I almost hit his car, so he tells me to pull over.

I just lost it. We pulled over and pulled out my pistol. He starts running towards his truck again. I just grab him and pistol whip him across the face and then I let him leave and he leaves quickly.
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do you get road rage?
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