The difference between Jewish People and Black People?

Who's right???

Guy: " The difference between most jewish people and most black people: the Jews are humble"

This is is the girls response: Bitch I’m about to fuck you up with some truth. Throughout history, there’s no disputing that the Jewish People have been pushed around. Why?
Because the Jewish People are their own community. They stick together. They have their own laws, they have their own system, they keep their money within their community and they run their own hustle. I don’t know how the system impacts the Jewish but what I do know was, after World War 2: the Jewish holocaust, as part of the United Nation’s punishment, the Jewish were heavily compensated. Concentration Camps such as Auschwitz stand as a memorial place for the stolen Jewish People. All of the Nazi who were found were prosecuted and Neo-Nazi is illegal in Germany. Yes, Jewish People may have it hard, but their struggle is recognised.
Black People on the other hand.
Throughout history, Black People have been pushed around and still fucking are. Unlike the Jewish People, we are apart of the larger community. We don’t have our own set of rules, we are forced to abide by the White American system, money stays only 6 hours within the Black Community and when we try and run our own hustle, the White People always fucking interfere. Unlike the Jewish People, Slavery: the African holocaust wasn’t ended because Worldly Allies stepped in to help us, the United Nation hadn’t been established and there was no World War to fight for our freedom. We weren’t given the compensation, there are no famous plantations that stand as a memorial for the stolen Black People and the KKK are still legally allowed to exist.
Black People have it fucking hard but our struggle isn’t recognised.
So no the difference between Black People and Jewish People isn’t our humility, it’s that the world understands the Jewish struggle
The difference between Jewish People and Black People?
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