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Can I downgrade?

Is there anyway i can downgrade my iPad from update 8.0 to 7.0. I ask this becuase I f**king hate, hate, hate!!! This update. It made safari completely unstable to the point where I can watch a 2 min YouTube video with out it f**king up 20 seconds in, and reloading the webpage saying a problem accured when it never had any problems on version 7.0. Also when I do get it to work, I can't press the back arrow to restart the video. On the old update, when I have a video playing in the background when I'm playing an app, I used to be able to bring up the control panel and press the back arrow to restart it. Now on 8.0 I can't do that, I have to wait until the video is done then I can press the play button and have it play from the beginning. Also, everything seems to go f**cking slow!!! I wish apple would stop trying to "fix" stuff that ends up breaking something that was never broken. So please tell me if I can downgrade cause I F**KING HATE THIS UPDATE!!! Also let me know if you hate it too.
Can I downgrade?
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