Dudes. What's up with the creepy staring thingy?

The dude at the gas station almost melted a hole into my face. HUMANS BLINK, YO!

HE'S LYING. She fucking minds. :]

  • It's because there was bird poopy on your face.
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  • It's because you looked like his long lost mommmmmmmy
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  • It's because HE SEES DEAD PEOPLE.
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  • That means you're dead, foo'
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  • I'm a guy and therefore ridiculous.
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What Guys Said 8

  • Hahaha I'm too honest and could only vote E :-)
    It's good to see you again, though what caught my attention was the jewel on your upper chest - really impressive!
    Oh and... was it meant to say "hallo" with some paint missing?
    Sorry if I ask something stupid but Engish is not my mother tongue you know 8)

    • lmfao. i'm kind of surprised by how many guys voted E :p
      and that necklace is my mom's, it's pure gold :o
      and no, hullo is a word lol. means hello too, it's the British variant of hello.

    • Haha I see, thanks for expanding my vocabulary Harakiri :D
      Oh and since all the guys voted E you can be 100% sure the poll was genuine!

    • no problem :p

  • When us guys see something beautiful there is this intense desire to just look without realizing sometimes.

    You want them to stop Try picking your nose or somethin, that ought to break the spell.

  • Cause you look yummy

  • Women here seem to be so curious as to why men stare

    • because it's so odd. and clearly not normal behavior. i understand checking out a person, but you would blink right? this dude didn't blink at all and while he was bagging someone else's stuff, he was still staring. that to me is not what dudes normally do.

    • He may have a disorder such as autism, I wouldn't worry about it.

    • perhaps!

  • He finds u attractive

  • He thought you were hot and was so enticed by your beauty he couldn't keep his eye off of you.

  • He one of the many males in the world that's been shamefully brainwashed into being a thirsty overrating women male.

    • lmao. or maybe he has an eye problem?

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    • My original comment.

    • the guy above hypothesized autism. so maybe it's not an eye issue at all.

  • He found your strange face attractive.


What Girls Said 2

  • He is enchanted by you

  • Well, in like 90% of romance books, the man's "burning" gaze would follow her as he stared intensely, and then there's this instant connection and passion between them, and then they eventually ride off into the sunset happily ever after...

    Maybe he got it from there, lol. I think it only works for hot guys though...

    • Hmmm... well, the guy was pretty cute. I just think it's odd behavior, regardless of attractiveness. I NEED TO READ MORE ROMANCE BOOKS!

    • That's what I never get about those books lol. It's honestly really freaky when someone stares at you for a long time and doesn't take their eyes off you - you start thinking they could be an axe-murderer contemplating you as their next victim lol. I doubt being hot excuses that freaked out feeling... but yes, read more of them! They're horribly unrealistic, the guys are all hot, bad ass, rich, playboys who change and only love one girl for the rest of their lives, but hey, we don't read fiction because we want reality.