Jacked up trucks because no girls ever say look at that bad ass smart car?


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  • I drive a truck, myself, but it's not jacked up. I don't know why, but that just screams "douche" to me. Likely because everyone I've known that has one is actually an asshole, so I just associate the two.

    I honestly have no opinions one way or the other on truck vs smart car, even though I drive the former. I tow, haul, and move stuff frequently, so I just get much better utility out of having one. If someone commutes 70 miles to work dveryday, thdn a smart car would make more logical sense for them.

    Jacking a truck up, though, very seldom has any additional value aside from "Hey, look at me!" which, again, I associate with "douche". Not that EVERY guy who drives one is an ass; that's just been my experience.

    • That's cool and most guys who have jacked up trucks Use them as toys like in mud boggs and in middle of fields and stuff like that a country boy thing that's all

    • Yeah, I get that, and it's what I've been told before.

      The thing is, though, jacking up a truck doesn't raise the height of the axles, so the ground clearance remains the exact same as it was, with the added drawback of raising the center of gravity. A higher center of gravity increases the risk of rolling during off roading.

      Sure, they can put bigger tires on it, to raise the clearance slightly, but the risk of rolling just seems to defeat the purpose, in my mind.

      That, and you pretty much lose the ability to tow and plow (if you live in a snowy area). As those are both things that I do, I just can't see the point of a jacked up truck.

      I'm a country boy, too, and I just prefer my trucks to be able to do truck stuff, lol.

      I'm not arguing, by any means, just expressing my personal opinion.

    • That's fine the question wasn't to start an argument anyway it was just to be funny that's all I live in the south and all the guys I know own jacked up trucks with lifted kits and 35 inch or taller tires and have loud pipes and let's just say they put a lot of money into a truck that is just a toy but that's how they are lol

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  • I have always thought that guys drive jacked up trucks as a way of convincing others of their masculinity because, in fact, they are not really men but just boys with too much testosterone who don't know what to do with it.

  • Since when do people choose their partners based on what they drive

    Ideally if I like someone it's because we have an emotional tie, get along really well and have mutual sexual attraction, and their car is the least of my worries.

    I don't like smart cars either, but men who drive jacked up trucks? Really? Is that the pinackle of manly in your eyes? Somebody who really feels the need to express their "manliness" in the most obnixious way possible.

    • Why is that obnoxious just wondering

  • Trucks? sorry not my style. But a guy who drives a smart car is probably pretty comfortable in his own skin and confident.

    • To me that's gay

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    • True that

    • You can go mudding in cars as well.

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  • I like truck not those jack up things.