If your conversation feels like an interview with a date or potential date, are you doomed?

So I've been having this happen a lot with women I met off dating sites or a few in person even, where well hit it off, I'll ask them out and they say yes but once we text or have our date it feels like It's quiet unless I'm the one talking and they'll give generic, one word responses. Weird thing is, some of them will ask me to text them or message me on Facebook but bring nothing to the conversation. It's like I can't tell if they're shy or just not interested.

I'm not exactly bad at making a conversation but it can only go so far if the other party isn't doing anything. Even at times when I ask them about them or talk about funny stories, interesting topics and still have the same shit happen. I feel a lot of pressure in the sense like I have to come up with someone interesting to say all the time or they'll think I'm boring but in reality they're the boring ones.

Luckily this isn't happening with every women but it's still painfully annoying. It's like of rather have a girl who never shuts up as opposed to one who's super quiet.

That being said, when this does happen does that mean you're doomed from going further or can you turn it around and connect with each other? If so, how do you do it?


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  • If they aren't interested then they aren't don't sweat it just call for the check and bounce

    • Sometimes you don't know if they're not interested. They could just be shy. This is more about what I can do to turn it around if it feels like that.

    • Being shy isn't an excuse for not being invested

    • True. I've also had times where girls just initiate conversation by saying hey or hey what's up and even when I respond back to them it's still the same shit, generic responses and even when I try to talk about interesting subjects it's the same. Then again I've had girls that were talkative through texting and quiet in person and vice versa so you never know.

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  • i'd quit then... i'm not a reporter... :-P

    • lol I wonder if an actual reporter would be comfortable in that situation

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