How can I become a better typist?

This may sound dumb, but how can I become a better typist? It's not from lack of experience. I studied Mavis Beacon way back in 2001 just to get the basics down, and use my fingers where they are supposed to go (just the letters though), have been typing a lot ever since, but I just make SO many errors and can't seem to help from going to fast and making those constant errors. I think it's a combination of bad habits, eagerness, and lack of dexterity. ? (I probably backspaced a dozen times here to correct as I typed)

I just thought of something. You young people learned as you were developing. I didn't really learn until I was 30 years old. It just wasn't necessary or taught much.


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  • Write stories. Doing so will help your fingers glide over the keyboards without you even having to look at them. I'm doing so now.

    But I'm not doing the proper technique. (I think it's fascinating how we can do this though...)

    • Thank you. I also write stories (creative narratives based on my outdoor adventures)! And it seems easier to do that than to spit out shorter comments like this. I just had my first one published in a quarterly long-distance hiker's magazine!

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  • Practice makes perfect.

    • I have been practicing nearly every day for 14 years!

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    • Are your fingers placed right? A lot of people make that mistake.

    • Yes, they are. For the letters, at least. The other stuff, I have to look down at the keyboard. I just seem to have a problem using all my fingers independently one from another. Especially if my hands are chilly.

  • Practice typing different sentences

    • I have spent up to hours nearly every day typing millions of sentences for 14 years. That's why the frustration.

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