In college, do girls gossip about and line up to bang the hung stud?

Let's say jake has a huge dick and is great in bed. Do girls start gossping around and then every girl is interested in getting a piece of the action? He just starts banging girls left and right?


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  • Not all the time. For me, it was what would I do for a certain amount of money. I said I would sleep with all of the OU football team and let them finish on me for a million bucks.

    • If they're on the football team, why the hell would they pay you to sleep with them? you would be paying them to fuck you lol

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    • Lol. Oh goodie. Another irrational pussy. :)

    • :) :)

What Guys Said 1

  • No, it's not high school anymore. Girls do things much more on their own, make their own decisions. Also, girls do spend time together, like group up with roommates or sororities (whereas guys don't necessarily, I seldomly hung out with my roommates)

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