What did you think about the Scandal season finale?

I'm so angry that Papa Pope is sitting in jail while all the rest of the hypocrites (Olivia, Fitz, Rosenthal, Quinn, and etc.) are free. Papa Pope was "the bad guy" and so is Olvia's mother but at least they were honest about it. They didn't deny who they were. I like how they tried to make this look like a happy ending at the end when it really isn't. The two biggest ungrateful, selfish, and hypocritical people in Washington D. C. kissing happily on a balcony is suppose to make me happy? I want to push them off the balcony. I rooted for them in the beginning but know I really dislike them.


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  • The sease finale, just came in here
    So Im in the middle of watching it

  • i liked it lmao.

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