Who do you think would last longer men or women , If the opposite sex was extinct?

Let's just say that all the men in the world died of a rare prostate virus that killed them all, how long do you think women would last?

And , let's say if all the women died of a ovary virus that turned them into necromorphs, who would last longer

Basically if the opposite sex, was eliminated and extinct, do you think you could cope?
I know but, but who would last longer... they would be able to last about a few decades? hypothetically speaking


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  • I think women would last longer, because the guys would get hostile quickly while women hatred will brew for a while before eliminating unexpectedly. We would also have stronger teamwork and communication before the claws are out.
    Overall, humans regardless of gender would be hopeless in extinction situation.


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  • Women would survive longer. There are sperm banks and women give birth. Men have sperm, but they can't do anything with it without an egg or a womb.

    • Imagine being the only guy alive, Man i could finally be with my crush...

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    • I dont mind, they can pimp me out all they want

    • Yeah. I could now see this working out really well for a lot of us. lol

  • Men hands down. Most people employed in the fields that uphold our civilization are male. Construction workers, surgeons, law enforcement, military, engeneers, technicians etc are all far more important proffesions than secretaries, cashiers, nurses or teachers. Well ok the last two were rather important but could be replaced rather quickly.

  • That would depend on who ever develops and perfects cloning first lol.

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