Does the sexodus exist or not?

and how prevalent is it in your country for those of you who do not know sexodus means young men giving up on marriage and checking out of society.


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  • I know of it and have read about it a lot. It exists for sure. Just look up MGTOW on YouTube, it's full with men who have given up on women due to various reasons - the main ones being the skewed in women's favor system and society, and the levered moral values of women in general - drinking, drugs, night-time clubbing, sleeping around and etc.

    But I don't want to associate myself with those people. I can thank them in making me move aware of the problems in the world and between the genders in particular. At least I'm not blue-pill any more. But my problem with them is the massive hypocrisy. For one, most of the things they accuse or complaining about women doing are things they themselves do - drinking, sleeping around etc. Then there's the thing about women being self-entitled which is a problem men themselves gave birth to due to showering women with attention.
    Personally, I'll do my own thing, I'll go my own way but not the so called sexodus way. I have nothing against women or any person in particular until they show themselves to be bad.


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  • What is that anyway? ^^

  • I don't even know what you're referring to.


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