What are you expected to do at a competitive dance audition?

My studio is hosting its yearly "Company Team Dance Tryouts". I have only been dancing there for 2 years but all of the teachers say that I am a natural born dancer and I have great technique. However, I can't do all of the turns like a la seconds or foutees. I also can't do calypsos, and firebirds, or an Ariel. So, as much as I would like to try out I don't want to have to show up and do calypsos across the floor when I can't. So my question is what exactly do they make you do at competitive dance auditions. What leaps will they make you do? What turns?


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  • They put you in small groups and give you numbers to wear. Send a choreographer in see who learns the material the fastest and keeps up the best. And they'll just keep doing this process until the find however many people they want or needed to dance.

    • If they don't do that they'll put you on stage or center floor and call out the steps they want you to do. So I guess you should probably practice till you're ready.

  • It's probably best to ask you instructors since it's held by your studio. They'll have a really good idea about what's going to be tested.