Is everyone too damn sensitive these days?

Anything I disagree with politely, even when I give out my fair reasons, I stll get labeled "ignorant", "racist", "sexist", "homomphobic" or "troll" just because I either don't have strong enough fellings towards certain issues with them or that I disagree with them on it. God forbid I speak on Domestic Violence towards women and the so-called "Police Brutality" againsts blacks today without offending any butthurt women or black person.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • hey, yes a lot of people take opinions to personal and get offended..
    but you, should keep it real 100% no matter if other people get mad...
    post what you think... at least, thats what I do, I dont give what others may think, or say about me...


Most Helpful Guy

  • The Commiecrat Left tries to control language and distort truth. That way they *never* have to be responsible for themselves and can always shake you down for more welfare payments.

    Tell them to go fuck themselves and refuse to deal with them.

    Join the Tea Party (or some other movement for real government) and never vote for one of the Left's shills again. (WARNING: Not all Republicans are reliable, and some are downright treacherous, so you can't just default vote Republican, although it is better than nothing).

    Turn off their media. If the sitcom you watch tries to push a Commiecrat agenda, turn it off.


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What Girls Said 3

  • God you are so fucking right! In almost every comment I state (anywhere) I add that it is MY opinion and that I don't mean to offend anyone. Because if I don't I'll get bashed. And even sometimes when I do. Just gaahhhh... ok I'm fine. Thank you for reading my little rant. Hope I didn't offend you and if I did. I'm sorry have a good day. Bye.

  • I guess it's how you say it I don't know but you have the right to express your opinion and a lot of people won't agree with it no matter how good or bad it is. I can say "Apples are the best fruit in the world!" but not everyone likes apples. Do you get what I'm trying to say?

  • Humans are fickle.


What Guys Said 3

  • if u bash gals and black people bro... don't accept any positive comments 8)

    • I never bash them. I'm just telling the real truth about the serious situations that involve their gender and race (by displaying studies and statistics that they ignore).

  • Some types just enjoy being contrarian, and they spend all day looking up "alternative" statistics to "prove" that they are right and everyone else is wrong.

    Many of these people pride themselves on their calm rationality, but don't stop to wonder whether their sources carry any weight or are just batshit insane.

    Also, they usually are either unaffected by the issue at hand, or on the side that benefits from the status quo.

    If you argue like an ill-informed robot, expect to be ostracized pretty quickly.

    You know about ethos, logos and pathos, right? Stubbornly relying on logos, especially if your own logic doesn't really gel with most people's worldview, is not an optimal strategy.

  • Yeah most people are easily offended


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