Why did she ask both of them "are you single?"?

Was on the train last night, headed home from the Q (Cavs watch party, we won the series 4-2) :) anyway, one of the girls on the bus, who was supposedly not only drunk but also being pretty flirtatious with her guy friends, was asking both of them if they were single or not. Now, correct me if I'm wrong or not but, if a girl asks that sort of thing, doesn't she kind of have a thing for them? If she does, why would she ask both of them, kind of playerish, ain't it? by the way she had on a pair of shorts that well, probably wasn't very appropriate for the game/ride home


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  • She interested in both of them. What is so hard to understand lol

    • Kind of playerish, ain't it?

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    • not define who she is, but it how she want people perceive her to be.

      How uniform/dress/cloth all display something to other people. If I wear a doctor suit, people think i'm a doctor, if I dress like a hobo, people will think i'm a hobo. If I dress like a slut, people will think i'm a slut.

    • Not necessarily. You can dress like a "slut" but not actually be a "slut"

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  • she was DRUNK br... figure out :-)

  • Maybe she wanted to segue into more personal conversations, or maybe she wanted to give you a reason to ask if she's single. Or maybe she wanted a threesome.