Would you handball an upcoming goal if it was your team or do nothing and let your team be eliminated?

All this ''oh no that's cheating, you're suppose to play fair and square'' I think goes out the window it's your team and it's either standing there while you see the ball about to go through the net and do nothing at all vs blocking it and sacrificing yourself getting disqualified but at least there is a chance the other team can miss a penalty shot.

If put in these situation and you can either stop the ball from going in or do nothing and let not only lose but your team goes home... what would you do?

If you do nothing it's 100% chance of losing (plus your team might then get pissed off at you for doing nothing) vs blocking the ball and there is now 70-90% of losing but at least still some hope. Then if you win, your team can consider you a hero for the day.

  • I would block the upcoming goal and hope a penalty shot is missed... screw the ''fair and square'' thing
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  • I would do nothing and still play fair, lost and let my team get eliminated... always be honest
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I know Suarez did this once way back in 2010 for Uruguay. Though they then lost with Germany... at least it was worth it. Otherwise, it was being send home with no chance at all of progressing towards next level.
I admit that I would do the same if it were my team and I saw it was going to go through. I'd rather get a red card so at least there is still a chance that penalty is missed then do absolutely nothing and there being 100% is a lost.


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  • The professional foul is part and parcel of soccer. Until the punishment fits the crime, it will continue. For me a professional foul that receives a red card should be an award of a goal to opposition.


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  • pffff... it's just a game... so i could wotever i believe was right atm it happened :-)

  • In it to win it. Anything less is disgraceful.


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