How big of a hypocrite do you thing gang/criminal organizations are?

There are a couple of criminal organizations (both in and out of prison) who claim to have "moral" codes about not harming women and children but deep down, they never really care about women and children and more about keeping their illegal businesses alive no matter the cost (even if it means killing a whole entire family, including the children). There are also other gangs who claim for "loyalty" yet there's always some sort of betrayal among their own members for the sake of taking over higher positions.

  • Very big. They're nothing like the media portrays them in a moral sense.
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  • Not that big.
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  • Not at all. They're mostly men of their words.
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  • Don't know
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  • I love this question. Nothing irks me more than when regular people fall for that bs.

    I have had people tell me how great biker gangs are, because as long as you respect them, they won't harm you.

    Yeah, great logic, dipshit. Could you possibly have set the bar lower?


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  • Very big to be honest.


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  • SOME of em... SOME of em yeah 8)

  • Massive hypocrites. They often go out to do the thing they despise in the end. The more crimes you commit the bigger your bounty, it's not as hypocritical as just plain stupid.