Why would a guy make up rumors about him & a girl?

This guy is telling people (mostly his friends) that I like him and want him But I don't. He doesn't talk to me and I never talk to him Either! He checks me out and sometimes it's pretty obvious he's looking at me.

Anyway... Why is he trying to get people to think that I have a crush on him? !


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What Guys Said 1

  • damn... spreadin rumors is da most asanine thing ever...

    anyway... he's an asshole, so better tell him if he doesn't apologize bout rumors... kick his ass 8)

    • It's just so annoying because now people think I want him and I honestly don't. I like someone else tbh

What Girls Said 1

  • Maybe he is.

    • He is what? I don't have a crush on him. Honest.

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