Returning things at home depot with a receipt?

Do they always give you store credit if you exceed the 90 day return period? I bought a hedge trimmer and I want to upgrade to a different one, so i'm fine with them giving me store credit, but I noticed for that item it only has a 30 day return policy. I've returned things that I bought 6 months ago and some gave me a complete refund, while others just gave me store credit.

So if I just stick it back in the box, I should be good to go?


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  • Return policy has changed for many products. People would buy paint sprayers use them and then return them. The policy was changed to if it was defective it would be sent away and repaired at an addition cost. You may be out of luck, it depends on your store and how many other returns you have had in the past.


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  • it depends on what the product is and who the person is ( home depot woint admit it). but depending on the person and manager and if the amount is like really low they just do it

    • It was like a 300 dollar item and I'm going to upgrade to a 600 dollar item

    • thats really odd maybe the person at the desk didn't know how to do it any other way

  • Yes store credit after90 they put it on a card

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