Why must the liberals, gays and homosexuals ram their propoganda down our throats?

I am all for equality and democracy, But this liberal thing has gone too far

I am not attacking noone, But i just think athiests, liberals and pro-gay humanists need to be respectful and appreciate that we have conservatives have opinions too...
I'm not even religious, but you dont have to be... Homosexualit is right to do what you want but why can't some people respect that not everyone accepts it or finds it natural...
Look at this map cdn.static-economist.com/.../20131214_gdm947_0.png

Not everyone in the world accepts homosexuality, it is a offence and crime in many third world countries


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  • "We might do well to consider this less as an instance of hyperbolic rant and more as a reminder of the disorientation that queer sexualities should entail: “acceptance or indifference to the homosexual movement will result in society’s destruction by allowing civil order to be redefined and by plummeting ourselves, our children and grandchildren into an age of godlessness. Indeed, the very foundation of Western Civilization is at stake.” Before the self-righteous bromides of liberal pluralism spill from our lips, before we supply once more the assurance that ours is another kind of love but a love like his nonetheless, before we piously invoke the litany of our glorious contributions to the civilizations of east and west alike, dare we pause for a moment to acknowledge that he might be right — or, more important, that he ought to be right: that queerness should and must destroy such notions of “civil order” through a rupturing of our foundational faith in the reproduction of futurity?" [edelman]

    "This culture has rendered us criminal, and of course, in turn, we’ve committed our lives to crime. In the criminalization of our pleasures, we’ve found the pleasure to be had in crime! In being outlawed for who we are, we’ve discovered that we are indeed fucking outlaws! Many blame queers for the decline of this society — we take pride in this. Some believe that we intend to shred-to-bits this civilization and it’s moral fabric — they couldn’t be more accurate. We’re often described as depraved, decadent and revolting — but oh, they ain’t seen nothing yet." [a gang of criminal queers]

    • lmao wait what. why did i get mho

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    • so that is why i ask such nasty question

    • plot twist

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  • Third world countries aren't exactly something you want to base ideals on...

    Like WOW! Open sewage systems! So great! Limited educational opportunities! AMAZING! Widespread parasitic infestations! Fantastic!


  • Why don't you fuck off and live in those countries then?

    The reason people don't like you voicing your opinions on such things is because you don't have any valid reasons why it isn't ok. You don't have a decent argument, you're just a cunt who was probably raised by cunt parents to believe the same lies they were fed by their cunt parents too.

    • Yeah and if you was born in saudia arabia they would put you to the death for being gay, so shut up

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    • Because it's against the law, stupid...

    • It's against the law to be homosexual so they would kill me? Even though I'm not?

      Your parents should have spent less time turning you into a bigot and more time teaching you to read.

      I AM NOT GAY.

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  • Who told you that, Faux News?

  • You watch TV too much.

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