I can't explain the way I am feeling?

Hi, I need to go to a psychologist on Monday but I don't want to see her. Actually I do want to get help but I really can't explain the way I am feeling? I have no idea how she's going to help me when all I can say is that I just feel really uncomfortable in my own skin and that sometimes it makes me feel kind of furious because I can't change anything. I will always be the same person.


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  • I regularly see a psyciatrist, they know how to get you to talk, and explain your feelings in an understandable way.

    • Dont worry about what you need to say, they know what they need to hear. Just be yourself and everything will flow naturally.

    • Hey, thank you! 😊

    • No, I need to thank you :) You were right, the therapist knew how to handle my "awkwardness"

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  • Going to a psychologist is the best thing for you! Helping you is their job.

  • That's exactly why it's a good idea to go see a psychologist. They're trained to get at the root of what's causing your trouble. Yes, you'll inherently be the same person, but you can change the way you look at life and how you handle various situations.


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