Ever get this "overused" feeling about people or girls in particular?

So there's this girl i used ot see she's cute and has a nice body nothing special , thicker legs and bum but not so big torso if you know what i mean... anyway we're friends now and everything and i think she's attractive and would do it with her but she gives me this feeling that she's been used too many times like an old rug even when she wears nice clothes and dresses i still get this feelings , she does take care of herself i mean she shaves her legs, underarms (not arms)... etc and does her hair sometimes but I don't know why she gives me this feeling , according to her she doesn't really do sex like everyone else so that can't be the reason but I don't know why i feel that about her , just looking at her walking, talking , flirting... etc gives an "overused" vibe , she's young by the way ( has some acne but really light... and hey most teens do ) its really weird every happened to you? do you ever feel that a person was used too much like an old rug and now needs to replace few things?


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  • No, never happens to me.


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