Question about Bank accounts?

So, I set up a Bank account with NatWest like a week ago, And, Since then, I've recieved the following :

An Email telling me my Customer Number (10 Digit)
A letter with my Debit card
And a Text message saying my Pin has been ordered and should arrive in 2-3 days.

But, I have had nothing to tell me what my Account Number is (The 8 Digit Number), And, I can't activate my Debit card without my Account number, I would have thought the Account number would have been the very first thing you are given right

Does anyone know if this is normal? do i have to wait longer for that? Should i already have been given it but haven't

Just curious because i haven't been given it yet, And have not been told i will be given it.

Cheers for any help.

Update - Thanks everyone, Just called up Natwest and they told me i had to wait like 8 more days until my Account number gets dispatched, But, I can just take my card into a Branch to get it Activated in the meantime ;)

Appreciate the help @SolitaireBond @Anonymous @tattooedhandfet


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  • Your account number and sort code should be on the bottom of your debit card.. Bank Sort Code should be bottom left hand side consisting of 6 digits with spaces between every two.. Your Account No. should be along side that which is normally eight digits.. Unless of course it is only a cash card not a debit card, whereby I do believe it will not always contain this.


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  • Call the bank branch you set the account up with son and tell them. Ask them for your account number. Surely they will have you supply your ss# and take it from there. Hope this helps. Cheers to you✌

  • You have to go into the bank and talk to an accountant..

  • Call them. Customer service to the rescue.


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