Why do people say indian men are skinny and bad looking?

I just wonder because i am actually on the fatter side but even my bone structure is not of a skinny guy and yeah, i might not be good looking but most people i see here are


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  • First of all there are skinny people in every race and bad looking ones in every race. I think Indian guys come on forums and site and post this stupid question. Some people say Asians (chinese) are not good looking, some say Blacks are not good -looking , some say Hispanics are not good-looking , some say Whites are not good -looking... EVERYONE HAS A PREFERENCE.

    So just because some people say Indians are bad-looking doesn't mean they are.

    Being skinny is not a problem... YOU HAVE TO BE RIPPED AND THIN LIKE SOCCER PLAYERS... GIRLS LOVE IT... Have confidence in yourself and stop posting these questions on Indian guys... You are the people ruining your own life :(

    • soccer players usually have that lean bulk like not huge but they seem a wee bit more than the average guy u see and that wee bit makes a lot of difference, yeah, truly, are ideal bodied and hey, i have confidence in myself lol, i was just curious because people are usually under that impression

    • Thanks:) But you have got it wrong... People usually think Indians are hard-working respectable people. You are believing what you say, just because a few people hold that view... Also a lot of Indian guys post such questions on sites and it spreads across forums... It's better to avoid such questions for good:) I personally know how blacks and hispanics have a hard time in society. BUT THEY DON'T WHINE AND BEHAVE LIKE A WARRIOR... BE A WARRIOR :)

    • Bro... I just wanted to tell one more thing... Me myself I am a South Asian. I am a Dark -skinned ( dark chocolate skin-tone). To be VERY HONEST I have had Random girls from different backgrounds approach me and we end up doing something. I was living in Middle east for a while and the Arab girls at school were dating. When I moved to U. K I was with Asian, Black, White, Latin girls... I go some event me and a few of my friends get girls :)) So you guys have to be confident... Good luck, brother :)

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  • People tend to find others of their own race more attractive. It's weird how it works but it's tied to genetics. That being said you can find plenty of gals out there that will find you attractive. Problem is they may not being attractive in your eyes.

  • I think I should change the country name on my profile to get better responses from women lol :D

    • well, u still look indian so that wouldn't help and that shows less pride in your nation mate, why do that for the sake of a few shallow women

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    • wow man you are very tall lol, i am only 5'10.5'' myself, but yeah, usually, even in the movies and all, there are people whom others would say "look indian" but as an indian myself i think i can tell

    • yeah man like there are a lot of people out there who are completely oblivious about India and how Indians look so why not take advantage of that situation lol. But I do tell people that I have mixed ancestry (which is true).

  • Haha... I am Super Skinny...

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