How can people call this garbage a fight?

He didn't even land that punch where Holyfield allegedly went down, and all the other hits are so soft and fake... like this whole thing is just a joke. And look at his body.. he didn't even train. FAIL... just like when he ran that joke of a campaign that was more concerned with lining the pockets of his RINO staffers than winning an Election.

Bad link. This one is the entire fight.


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  • Who ever said it was a serious real fight to begin with. You can easily tell that neither boxer is really trying.

    • I mean I'm not expecting it to look like Grudge Match but GEEZ, could they train some? And actually try harder?

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    • how can only your dojo know?

    • Because it was created by my master and teacher himself and only those who train under him know it.

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  • have u ever watched WWE bro?

    these fights looks super-fuckin-massive... but they r all set :-P

  • Oh my gosh lol

    I've gained so much more respect for Mitt Romney after watching this.

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