What's on your UN-DO LIST?

As we all have a TO DO LIST, I agree with this picture saying that we should also have a UN-DO LIST. So dearest gagers, what are the things you do that you think you need to stop doing? Give at least three.

Here's mine:

- Overthinking
- Being affected by what people say
- Doing things and engaging into fields I dont know if I really want because most people are doing it. and;
- Going anonymous even if I'm not saying anything wrong here LOL
What's on your UN-DO LIST?

About the fourth one, I would remove being anonymous in this question after a few days. I often do that after I've chosen a MHO. :)


Most Helpful Guy

  • Good idea! :)

    -Playing soccer after a decade's hiatus. I had forgotten pain like this even existed.
    -Using GAG so much.
    -Making baseless assumptions about other people
    -Staying up late
    -Assuming the worst


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What Guys Said 1

  • my teen years all of em... but dat's... IMPOSSIBLE :-(

    • What are the things you do that you think you need to stop doing? That's my question. Thank you. :)

    • @asker right now? i'd stop NOTHING i do right now then 8)

    • Hahaha. Okay. ^^

What Girls Said 2

  • Masturbation and road rage.

  • 1. Stop spending so much time on GAG
    2. Stop drinking too much coke (I am addicted)
    3. Stop being too hard on myself.

    • Being too hard on yourself should be on top of your UN-DO list. Too much soft drinks isn't good to your health. Less time spent on gag, I'm still not ready to let go of that. Nice list :)

    • Thank you :)