Fear of deep water and forcing myself to climb upwards? What's it called?

So just a random question, but I am unreasonably terrified of deep water. This includes pools. I can't wear swim googles when I'm at the deep end cause I freak out. I like to swim there though, I love going swimming actually. But I freak out when I look at the deep end and can see it. I also freak out when I was canoeing in my gym class. The water was clear AND deep. I couldn't look over the edge and had to pass the padel to my friend cause I was having a moment in the canoe where I literally couldn't breath. I just can't, no matter what, deal with deep water. Even in GTA I flip out. Anyone who plays GTA 5 knows of the mission where you gotta do deep underwater, and its DARK, to get something, a chest I think? I don't know, I forgot, but I was literally scared playing that mission. I started shaking, getting nervous, every little movement made me jump, I was just not myself.

Now I am also scared of climbing up. Like I love rollercoasters and coming down, thats the fun part. But forcing myself to climb up high places scare the living hell out of me. This includes short 15 ft rock climbing, that scares me. Even climbing up high ladders make me nervous. I don't know why, considering I love roller coasters and rides where you go super high and plunge downwards.

So any clue what these fears are? I guess I might as well admit I am afraid of heights in a way, but what about the deep water one?


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  • i dunno... but lemme tell u that i;'m afraid of creatures living underwater since a kid.. i cannot explain y though :-(

  • Fear of deep water and climbing up? This would probably not be for you then..


    • Why would you show me that?

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    • Well the problem isn't really doing the action, when it comes to climbing or looking down, its being able to. For example, with rollercoasters, I have no time to think about it. I'm strapped in and stuck there. With rock climbing, however, I have to stop and think. When I do that, then it becomes a problem. With swimming, its actually looking down INTO the water. I can stare at it from a distance forever. The moment I actually try looking into the deep water is when its an issue.

    • Tbh with climbing it's about knowing that you're essentially safe, you can hang a car off an 8mm rope, nothing's gonna happen to you in the climbing gym. We used to do fall practice back in the day, so you're on the lead and you punt off from the top on purpose. It's scary as fuck to start with! But it does make a difference, eventually a fall doesn't bother you and you can focus on the route! You take the time to experience the fear and let it flow through you, but you know you're gonna be okay, then you get your focus back and the fear goes away. It's probably the same with deep water, I've never had a problem with that though, I think when you're floating on top of it- it doesn't matter how deep it is and you know you're not going to sink. I recommend more climbing, expand that comfort zone!