What's the last thing you accomplished?

The most recent thing you've accomplished

I just beat level 7 of "bounce classic" on the Iphone. It took me several weeks, to learn how to do it but I finally got it. What's something you've accomplished recently


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  • I finally got this new dance routine down. Been trying for weeks.

    • What kind of dance do you do?

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  • Something I've accomplished recently? I just got my report card and found out that I've gotten all A+s. I think this is a great accomplishment since everything's getting really hard in school so I hope things will just get better after this, and turn out great, haha. When you mean big accomplishments, I'm not really sure since I haven't been around for too long in this world, but when you mean small accomplishments, yep, having good grades is the least thing I can do for my parents. :)

    • The bigger the goal, the bigger the accomplishment. Your goal was to have A+'s

    • True! The bigger the goal, the bigger the accomplishment! The more I set bigger goals, the harder I try. Without patience, motivation and inspiration, I wouldn't have gotten my accomplishment. :)

    • As with mine. I was patient, motivated, and had inspiration from myself that if I didn't beat that level, I would have been down on myself for the rest of my life

  • Umm haha I wouldn't really call that an accomplishment.
    I just got an employee of the month ;)

    • When it's something you've been working on for several weeks, not knowing how to do it, it's def. an accomplishment. Yours isn't really an accomplishment, more of an award

    • Ughh wish I could edit that. Didn't mean to say "an".. :(

  • An exam for my studies, grade was pretty good :) #happyyy :)

    • What subject? Is it something you weren't good at?

    • Actually the average grade for it was a 5.1 and mine was an 8 (out of 10) so as one of a few people with the highest grade for a very difficult and extensive exam I was very happy. It was about different scientific theories: socio-technical theories, opportunity recogniton, absorptive capacity and actor-network theory. Did cost me more than two weeks of fulltime studying though.

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  • Back to college at 30..
    Done by 32
    Bam! Nailed it!

  • Meh I passed a certification exam that took 4 hours this morning...

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