This very sad but paranormal thing happened to me this morning. I'm I going crazy?

I was woken up this morning at 6am to the phone ringing. It was my grandfather, which I thought was odd because he has demensia and has been in hospital the last week for a variety of illnesses.

He hasn't been able to speak or be coherent for about a year but he was his old self on the phone and we had a really normal conversation where he was asking me questions, I was asking him questions and we were talking about the future, the past, current events, my dad and all sorts of things.
We spoke for around an hour and the call ended very casually with him saying he knew it was early and he'd better let me get on with my day.

After the call I thought to myself wow, that hospital had really fixed him up and wondered what drugs he had been given to make his mind sharp again.

THEN, the phone rang again and it was the hospital saying they had been trying to call me for an hour and that my grandfather had been pronounced dead an hour ago.

Like... What the fuck?

Sorry guys, false alarm. It was my other grandfather that called, it was just too early for me to distinguish between the two.
My bad lol


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  • Sorry to hear about grandpa, dude god works its crazy cause i ain't no church goer but he works. Unless u were smoking some shit?

    • Sorry man, I was just tired and jumped to conclusions, check the update

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  • I've heard this from some people I know.
    To me, that's saying you were the last one he wanted to see before his soul took off.. Pretty cool:)

    • Sorry, check the update.

  • I've heard about this happening to some people.

    Obviously you might be crazy but some people would say your grandfather died and his old self wanted to know how you were doing and make you remember him the way he was before his spirit leaving this world. Same kind of thing happened to my grandmother. I'm your case it's odd because you didn't know he was gone.

    Or you might be a troll and took this from some book.

    • Look at the update, I'm feeling pretty dumb now lol

    • You should XD

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  • I can't breath that's scary 😨

    • Sorry to scare you dude, check the update. False alarm

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