Those who live in Europe: How unwanted are foreigners in your country?

I'm from a non-EU country (Turkey) and I'm planning to immigrate to EU after college. I got some racist opinions accusing me of stealing jobs and living off welfare online. Is this always the case? Would they leave me alone in your country or would I have to deal with racism daily?



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  • Immigrants are very welcome in Western Europe , provided that they don't self-segregate. It's self-segregation that causes friction. That's why, for example, there is so much tension in the West between Muslims (even the ones who aren't themselves immigrants) and non-Muslims. I rarely hear complaints from non-Muslim foreigners in the West.

    Post-communist Europe , however, does have genuine problems with racism. So much for 'anti-racist' communism!


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  • In my country the scale at which people are welcome depends on where they come from, always speaking in relation to what the people like and not government policy.

    In sequence from least welcome to most welcome are: Turks (unless they're Cypriot Turks), Syrians, Pakistanis/Sri Lankans, Southeast Asians, Filipinos, Egyptians, North Africans, Kurds, Romanians, Bulgarians, Lebanese, Russian, British, European, North American, Greek.

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    • The statement "Greek hate me, may be mistaken". I have a very good explanationa s to why.

      Azeris like Turks, I know an Azeri.

    • Azeris are basically Turks anyway. But you're right. And I like them.

      If Greeks don't hate Turks, why would they look down on me?

  • They hate Muslims

    • Forgot to add I'm not a Muslim, I guess that's sort of important.

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    • Ignore that other persons coment, it wasn't there when I was writing mine. No I'd try to fit in and if they ask if you're a Muslim, tell them that you really aren't

    • I don't really need assimilation. Istanbul is much more like any European city than most people think. Well, maybe a little more corrupted. I was raised in a pretty liberal family and learned English as a child. I don't embarce traditional values much. So I don't think I'd have a problem fitting in.

  • Pretty much, yeah.
    You'll be taking abuse every day, from random assholes, media, and politicians.

    Generally, the EU is hostile to pretty much anyone from a non-western society, except maybe for Asians.
    Especially towards muslims, due to decades of US/Israeli propaganda, spread through the political systems and the media.

    • I'll update the question adding I'm not a Muslim. Many people seem to assume I'm one.

    • Yeah... and that's exactly what you can expect if getting into the EU.
      They really don't give a shit...
      You're from Turkey, where Islam is the main religion.
      You will have that foreign look about you.

      Whether you're muslim or not is irrelevant - you WILL face racist abuse because of your origins and your appearance.

  • Germany : As a non-white , better don't go there.

    • It pisses me off when I'm called non-white. If Italians and Greeks are white, we are white. I think the only thing that makes a difference is religion.

    • No Italians and Greeks are usually non-whites too, but still not non-caucasianc

    • It all depends on what you count as white, actually. Turkey is very diverse. My heritage is also complicated, but I think I'm white for the most part. I'm planning to take one of those DNA tests.

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  • I'm England, it's quite high but it is usually from old or closed minded people.

    • Do English people in general make immigrants feel unwelcomed? Are there major parties that are against immigration?

    • No not really. Yes there are parties against immigration but they are not popular.

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