Without looking it up does anyone know where the Isle of Man is?

When ever i go on holiday and people ask where i come from i say the isle of man because thats where I live, but no one ever knows where it is. Being honest has anyone heard or know where the isle of man is


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  • Ofcourse I know Isle of Man. Have been into a lot of reading in my yester-years. I've been to Europe quite a bit but never got to Man and ofcourse nor to Ireland (where I want to visit so bad too)

    Basically Gaelic and also known as the Fairy Island - It's believed that fairies reside there :)

    • Yay someone knows where i live 😀

    • Its an awsome island

    • I'm sure a lot of others do too even if those who know don't access your question, it's touted to be a very beautiful place and if it's called the isle of fairies then sure it will be, bet you are one too :D :) (not saying it in a creepy way please) :)

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