Who wants to play my therapist?

Seriously, I need to be broken down and assessed. Any takers? I need some therapy >_<

Not sure why people are asking if I am serious. Is there any hint of irony or sarcasm or humor in my question?
Anyway yes, if someone is actually willing to help then I need help.


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  • As a recent grad with my BA in clinical psychology and almost 2 years working at a counseling center, I'm happy to help but you really should see a professional. Most therapists offer flexible payment options and will do their best to work with your insurance company to get you the help you need.

    • Oh wow, well you sound perfect!!! If you're willing to help then I'd really appreciate it!

    • I'm happy to help any way I can and you're welcome to message me. I do still recommend a professional as well.

    • Okay thanks!

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  • I can try to help you if you are serious.

    • Yeah, I am. But... hmm... there's a lot of takers. Not sure who to trust :/

    • Go with your gut feeling and trust it. Intuition is the best tool

  • I would help if you're truly serious.

    • Thanks, I appreciate that. Yeah, I'm serious.

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    • No, it's okay. I know. The Internet is hard to read people. But it's all good. I'm messaging someone right now. Hopefully she can help me!

    • Okay then, I hope you get over it.

  • Sure, what's the problem?

    • Hmm... I was kind of hoping to private message someone about it possibly... but you're anonymous so...

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