Have I just been scammed? Will the bank help?

I bought a dress online off a website for prom. Bad mistake. I didn't know it was from China and I paid £146 for it. I ordered it in blue and it came, it was in pink. So I emailed the company and they said they'll give me a full refund if they indeed sent the wrong dress. I sent them pictures and they said they're sorry and that I shouldn't get my bank involved they'll try and sort it out. They always take around 24hrs to reply. So yesterday they came up with a solution that they'll partially refund me if I kept the dress? I don't even know where they got that idea I wanted that. But i asked how much the 'partial refund will be. They said £15! £15! Really. On their website, it states their products go through quality checks 4 times before dispatching the product, absolute LIES because obviously someone would've seen my dress was the wrong colour. Also it states they'll fully refund a customer if the dress has not been 'worn, ruined, and if the problem was their responsibility' which it was. What do I do? I'm thinking about going to the bank tomorrow. Will that even help?


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  • Just call your credit card/bank. They'll kick their ass. Think about how huge VISA is compared to a little vendor.

    • Okay thanks and what should I take with me to the bank. Also the card was my mums so she'll be there with me

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    • Ya mine was from China too. I ordered antibiotics and they never came.

      I'm not sure what VISA will do but it's a tiny amount of money for them compared to your potential lifetime spending (they make 2% or whatever off every sale). They'll probably just kick their ass and pay you themselves.

    • That's great, also it was my mum's card so she'll probably call the bank tomorrow tjanks for your help

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  • You need to go to your bank and tell them your bank account
    had money taken out without your permission and without your consent
    they will make you sign papers and they should refund you back in the
    amount that was taken out of your bank account ,. Your bank will dispute it
    they will send the charges back to the company and remember when they
    ask when was the last time you used your debit / bank card give them date
    before you ordered the dress and if they say well the company said merchandise
    was sent to your home tell them no way.. you never received anything also
    tell them the company according to your friend has a history of scamming people
    this is your word against the bank and this company..

  • The bank can't do anything for you.

  • did u ask 4 a refund at least? from where did u bought it? :-/

    • I did the first time I emailed them I asked to return the dress and get a full refund back, because obviously it was their fault but they just seemed to refuse

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  • the bank will help.

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