What kinds of out of the ordinary music do you like?

I have many different tastes. One of my favorites is the didgeridoo. No reed, no finger holes, just the lips, force and shapes of the mouth, combined with tongue "twangs". The music played on them, as well as their sound, is definitely "different" to our ears.

Another type of music is the steel drum music. You will hear traditional music, but played with a totally different sound. Who ever figured out that you can tune a single peice of steel into several different notes. Here, The Lion Sleeps Tonight is heard with a unique quality.

What "different" music do you like?


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  • new wave music... when i mention this term, almost every1 thinks i'm an alien :S

    • Do you include Enya in that. She/they do not seem to fit perfectly in any spot, but wow, I love her/their music. Sometimes it is a single voice, other times multiple. Usually credit is given to one vocalistm but sometimes others. I could listen to that music forever.

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    • You are welcome friend!

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