When you meet someone awesome?

I met someone awesome tday and had a blast. It was so great to really breach that barrier and enjoy their true nature. Wow. I forget sometimes how incredible people r.

Tell me about a time when you met someone awesome and how it made you feel.


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  • I work at a hotel as a housekeeper and I had a really nice chat with a super sweet lady from California while I changed her sheets. She was one of the nicest people I've ever met! Made my day 😀


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  • I've met so many amazing people and I am really thankful to have had them in my life at some point, even if they are no longer around =]

    • Meeting new people might be my favorite thing ever. Nothing compares it's such a comprehensive process. There's the body language and the glances and the introductions. You essentially make yourself and then project it outwards, all the while experienc ing this sensation from the other person.

  • It makes me feel really happy and untroubled! For at least awhile lol! My mood can change quickly. I also tend to think about that person for a few days.

    • Yea. I know whatchu ya mean. I love it when someone pops into ur thoughts. But then it kinda sucks cause you wanna be with them.

    • The happiness overweighs the bad for me

  • I see you're a spongebob fan! Yay


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