Chris or Derek?

Both have great looks with a goofy personality to match, but Derek has my heart :)

Chris or Derek?


Derek or Chris:

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Derek, he's pretty damn awesome, I don't know who that Chris guy is.

    • Lmao same here! Do you watch ABC Family Baby Daddy too?

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    • Haha, that's crazy. I've never been in a situation like that.

    • Thanks for MHO 😊

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What Guys Said 2

  • Chris Pratt is just too funny in Parks and Rec to pass up lol plus he lost all that weight for his movie.

    Also... I don't know Derek :P

    • Derek is hilariously handsome and a bit "slow" when playing his hockey player character on Baby Daddy. Love him :)

      I dont really know Chris. He was a jerk in Bride Wars. I only watched the First 15 minutes of Guardians of Galaxy and he seemed pretty funny. I dont eatch Parks & Recreation. I just think Chris and Derek sometimes resemble.

  • Both get tons of bitches

    But I'll go with Chris Pratt, he's the man.

    Can't wait for Jurassic World...

    • I'm so ready for Jurassic World, but it has nothing to do with him being lead. I just like dinosaurs, Bryce Dallas Howard, and Nick Robinson

    • Same with me, but Chris Pratt just makes it that much better (no homo).

      I agree, Bryce Dallas Howard is ridiculously gorgeous.

    • Loved her in Twilight and Lady in the Water

What Girls Said 3

  • I like Chris in the second picture. He should always have his hair like that though. His jaw is a lot nicer than Derek's as well--it gives him more of a masculine look which I like. And his body seems bigger.

    I have to say Chris.

    • Mmm not for me. Chris looks old enough to be my dad. Derek can definitely be boyfriend material lol

    • LOL. DILFs are attractive to me though so...

    I picked Chris because I like his SO choice haha

    • I actually just saw Derek in Community as an extra haha, it was so weird

    • I totally forgot Chris was married to the Cindy from Scary Movie. I only know him from his dance scene in Guardians of the Galaxy and his jerk character in Bride Wars. Other than that I don't know him.

    • Whaaa! You've never sen Parks and Rec? that's where I fell in love with him

  • Derek!!! <3

    • Do you know him from anything, or is this your first time seeing him?

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