I was beating my depression and it was almost gone but I don f know what happened?

I was so close to beating my depression but boom full blown hurricane and I'm right back where I started

What happened?


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  • It may be random but I believe music can really help you through this when I was that age I had horrible depression and a friend gave me his Marilyn Manson - Mechanical Animals cd and It helped me out a lot. I also worked on customizing clothing by putting my emotions into them.

    • I already do that and Live Marilyn Manson

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    • Well the more time consuming the activities the more they can help. Personally I started gaming when as well when I went through it. If you find a good one it's a great distraction sometimes.

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  • Just keep fighting!

  • spend more time with your friend, and maybe you can considering Travelling as one of the option to reduce the depression. I have one too last year after my mum died and my marriage cancellation, well it helps me a lot. I'm happier now