Should I go on call for this employer after this, or should I report them to someone?

Been at this new job for about a month, but I started getting sick all the time. I always had a note and made sure my shift was covered. Text my manager today at noon with my avalibility from my other job. 10pm, still no reply so I call a co-worker to ask. He tells me that I and a friend are not on schedule at all. Friend calls the manager around 11. I text again at 1130. We are both asking for each other at this point. Finally around midnight, he texts my friend back saying that he is not putting me back on the schedule because he can't trust me to be there when he needs me. Then he texts me saying that they just don't have the hours for me, and that I'll be on call if they need someone as a back up, my friend is being moved temporarily to a comission position. My friend offered to share that work with me, but the manager tells him he doesn't want me there, and he will not pay me if I help out.

Now, I understand that me being sick all the time prompeted him to find a replacement, I'm not mad about that. What pisses me off is that he lied to me, told MY business to someone else, told me their business, and that he never intended to tell me anything himself. He only replied because he knew than that we were both trying to contact him together. He also refused me an opportunity that won't cost him, and will only pay me if I make sales. He told my friend, and not me directly that I'm basically fired, and tried to make it sound like I'm laid off due to lack of work. Should I report this to someone? If he does actually call me in for a shift should I take it? I feel like he did me dirty and that I don't want to work for them now, but I need the money.


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  • Call a lawyer that does free consultations and see if you even have a case first. You were wronged but it may not be something that is legally wrong. Good luck :-)

    • In my state, it is illegal for them to share information about my health or employment status with anyone outside the company, or any other employee who isn't management, which includes employees who are off duty and away from the jobsite. So yeah, he broke a law by telling my friend about why I was being let go.

    • Then you should definitely get a lawyer. To many people just push this kind of thing under the rug and employers just keep getting away with it. I hope this all works out for you

    • I'm calling their corporate offices later today. If they don't fire this guy, I'll make a case with my local Dept of Labor, and go public with evidence of the store owner paying people cash off the books to pass flyers and hold sings on the roadways. That is also illegal here, and can cost him his business license. The manager lives with the owner, and the owner is the one passing out cash for labor, which is why I'm sure he won't do anything about this.

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  • All I can think to do is look up worker's rights in your state and see if there have been any violations.