How do I fix neck stiffness?

It's been 3 days and it's still stiff. I've been moving it a lot, but still nothing. How do I make it, un-stiff?


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  • Use a heating pad for 20 minute intervals, and don't sleep on your stomach at night. Make sure you don't have a fan blowing on you because drafts can chill the muscles and make them stiff at night.

    • Don't have a heating pad, and it's too late to buy one too. I never sleep on my stomach, it's hard for me to breath. And I don't think I have to worry about the fan, it's pretty hot here, and the fan's wind feels like it's just a slight warm breeze. :-/

    • You should get one when you get a chance, those work for everything! Maybe one of those bandages that heat up would work? You can get those anywhere...

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  • Let it ejaculate

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    • Oh, alright. I'll try to find something to heat it up. Thanks for the advice.

    • Its funny because you will lose a bit of musclemass on one side of your neck so it will look like your head isn't centered for a few days