Can you make payment?

The bank yesterday was closed and today as well so I inserted my credit card into an ATM and made a cash deposit. I went online after and it didn't process my deposit and right now I am freaking out.

It's the holiday here in Canada so they are all closed for today so I can't call a representative..

So will it process my deposit? It said 'make payment' on the atm machine


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  • From TD's website:

    "Bill payment processing and timing

    Bill payments are transmitted to the billing company the business day after the withdrawal date.

    Payments made on a Monday to Thursday prior to 11:59 p. m. ET are debited and dated immediately and transmitted to the company the next business day.
    Payments made on a Friday are debited and dated immediately and transmitted on the following Monday.
    Payments made on a Saturday or Sunday are debited immediately, but are dated and transmitted the following business day.
    Payments made on a statutory holiday are dated and transmitted on the next business day."

    • OHHH! THANK YOU 💜💜:D Okah so it should be ok tomorrow then

    • You're welcome. Thanks for MHO.

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  • Help me understand what you did...

    You paying an ATM with a credit card makes no sense.

    • Yep I inserted my credit. card and it showed 'Make a payment' as an option so I made a deposit.

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    • Just keep the receipt and check when the bank opens again. If they charge you a late fee then ask for the manager.

    • Kk thanks

  • I'd wait to see what happens when the holiday is over.

  • is it really urgent? u can w8 i guess :-)

    • Well I did make a 100$ deposit so I am strrssed out..

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  • Wait till the holiday is over. Stop stressing. You can't do anything about it.

    • Okay :/ I'll try.. Thanks :)