2nd poem Lol😂 today I'm feeling poetic Lol?

I wrote this one in morning.

Oh person , oh person,

What a messy handwriting,

Got great marks in exams but failed in life,

Was it worth to get that price?

Wow, life is full of odd,

What the even had made the God.

Intelligent people are brat,

But, the innocent people are naïve.

I tried to live every second of life,

But became weirdo, Ohh Chris!

My friends don't you worry,

All this words mix in a curry,

And Experience the taste of every ingredient,

Because you know what?

They all are made up of hatred, jealousy.

And served with the hammerd envy.

Go where your hearts take you

Not where the people force you,

Love yourself,

Because, intelligent people are brat

And the innocent people are naïve.

©- R. chloe


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  • Very good poem. You inspired me :)


    Oh person oh man oh ohhhh...
    Whaaa Messi scores again!!!
    Got F in exams, life F-ed him
    But still if you are rich, I'm your bitch.

    Wow 2 is even
    Oh my odd

    Insane people are Einstein
    You are even 10X more dumber

    First second third
    But became prego, Ohh Chris faster yes yes yes ohh aahh

    My friends hurry
    Sale upto 40% off with sunglasses free

    You don't need to taste
    Efforts are waste
    They all are made up of blood
    Don't convert it into white flood

    Don't touch my body
    haters gonna win
    life fks everybody.
    You won't die virgin,
    Insane people are Einstein
    You are even 10X more dumber

    © YourFutureEx


    PS: sorry for the nonsense.


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  • This doesn't make sense...

    • Read it once again maybe it might make sense. I know it's not perfectly written but its my frist attempt to write something. thanks for your comment by the way

    • I think what makes it hard for me is that they aren't proper sentences. But Nerdygirly raised a good point with adding literary devices.

  • Awsome poem- I like the part "all this words mix in curry" If you don't mind a few suggestions... try to add some literary devices such as allusions, rhyming words and personification and metaphors. But overall its an awsome poem :) nice work

    • Thank you! This was my first poem but I posted it second Lol.
      You made my day. I will try to add more figures of speech. thanks again.

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