Are Somalians black?

Before you report this question, have a listen please... i'm asking if they're actually negroids,

Genetically and scientifically speaking, i think they are dark skinned arabs...

This is not racist, I just curious what race somalians and in general east Africans are. because NOT all people in africa are black negroids... they are caucasian people in north africa and germans in south africa
Also australian aborigines and some dark skinned south indians almost look black, even pacific islanders can look black... skin tone does not define race...

it's the features, like thick lips, broad nose, afro hair that does


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  • ATOMIC PRO TIP: Never say "This is not racist, I just curious"

    They are kinda both. Afro-Asiatic M1 haplogroup. The presence of M1 in Africa is the result of a back-migration from Asia which occurred sometime after the Out of Africa migration 40,000 years ago

    • Oh thanks that is useful, So they are biracial people then, black and arab?

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    • Sorry for the grammatical errors

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  • They look like it to me. So yes they are

    • Also they are very beautiful too, im not being racist... somalians are a nice eclectic black/arab mix, and they're women have nice features

    • Some Somalians are beatiful

  • Its the troll again.

    They are still black by the skin.

    • *sigh... being dark skinned does not make someone black, have a look at polynesians... google them and tell me they are not the same tone as somalians

    • Polynesians aren't pitch black. And they got Asian features instead.

    • Yes and somalians have arab features, they are dark like australian aborginies

  • I don't know... but I've always been told they are. 😕

  • Just tan. Ordinary were Natime Americans.

  • Somali features are completely African. Africa is the most genetically diverse continent in the world.

    • Look at where somalia is located near the arabian sea bordering yemen and sudan

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