If everyone seems to hate Facebook, why keep logging in to it?

For the record, I can't stand Facebook. I made an account in early 2007, began deactivating periodically a few years later, each time for a few weeks, then finally deactivated after Christmas and have let it remain closed and don't miss it. I hated their policies, I hated how they changed the site each time, and I hate how most people clog up Facebook with nonsense that has nothing to do with them (i. e. posting links to news stories or pop culture). It was hardly about keeping in touch anymore, it was a platform for people to exaggerate their lives and broadcast it to people that they don't even want to see or talk to. All of this, hardly safe!

When Facebook is brought up by me or someone else (on this site or otherwise), the general reaction is how much people hate it, or they claim not to really use it. I think people just don't want to admit they are Facebook addicted.

If people hate it so much, why keep it and keep logging in? And the excuse that we all have friends we normally wouldn't be in touch with doesn't really work when we have email. Obviously if the person logged in to Facebook, they have one, and you can just as easily keep in touch with pictures and news by email just like we did before it came out.

Why do people keep kidding themselves and keep feeding Facebook their statistics if they claim to dislike it so much?


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  • 2 years ago I deactivated my facebook for good and I will say the first week was strange as that is a go to when bored, but now, I love not having it. I do hate when I say I don't have one and people react shocked like I am committing some atrocity by not having one lol.

    • Same. I deleted mine in 2010 and it was one of the best things I've ever done. People think it's weird but I don't care.

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    • My biggest peeve was, "Did you see what I posted?" No because Facebook isn't my life. Also, events. I no longer get invites or calls about going out. You invited me to an event? Why can't you make me feel like I actually matter and call or text me. I am happy I don't have it and have no plans to ever go back. I got rid of all other social media except this and Pintrest

    • That's funny because I went through something similar. My cousin is a Facebook addict and lies to her father (my uncle) that she's "never on it", but yet I had noticed how often she posted before I quit Facebook. I checked her page and every hour she had something to say every day. When she created a GoFundMe account and plastered it on her Facebook, my uncle contacted my mom and told her that *I* obviously knew about it. My mom asked me why I hadn't told her, and it was during a one-month deactivation I was going through. I said, "It was on Facebook? How could I have *known* if I didn't even have my Facebook up?" She took that info back to my uncle who assumed that I am on Facebook and withholding news about the family, when I wasn't even online. Big wake up call that if something is important enough, call the family, don't sit back on Facebook and assume people noticed or even log in to see it at all.

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  • Nephew Ex's points about why Facebook is addictive :-
    -It helps the people who spend much time alone and are introvert who are lacking socialising skills. It'd give them relief and resiliency.
    ●Social comparison
    -The popularity of quizzes and personality tests on Facebook is not surprising. And of course, a large reason for their appeal is that after completion, they then allow the user to compare his or herself to others. Who gets more likes, who has more friends etc.
    ●Easiest way to catch up
    -By posting a short status, commenting on someone's picture and even tapping the like button, you give other person your presence in their life.
    ●Finding lost friends
    -If you remember the name and face of your lost childhood friends, you can meet them again and who knows what does the future holds for you?
    ●Mass communication
    -You can share your message to the world in a single click. And it's also a constructive and pragmatic way to spamming.
    ●Enjoyable source of news and information. (I use it for this purpose only)
    -News hit on Facebook instantly anf you can see, support and join the live discussion.
    ●Ego boost
    -The small effort of posting a picture can provide a large investment return in the form of comments, or even better, compliments.
    ●Stalking and Insecurity Response
    -We can check what's happening behind our back.
    -It features a lot of games and personally, I see a lot of teens playing games on Facebook in cyber café.
    ●Magazine contests
    -A new way to find the next super hot and popular model by magazines.
    ●People consider it as a meaningful wastage of time.
    -Gamblers, gamers and other enthusiasts can easily be blamed for their addiction. However, for Facebook addiction it is much easier to justify excessive use…because how can something positive like forming friends and connecting with others be seen as a problem?
    ●It's cheap and fashion
    -If you are not on Facebook, you're not cool and a lot of apps are supporting fb. Even GAG too. And it's free.
    ●Memories and family
    -It's a timeline now and it connects ourselves with our family (long dist.)
    -It is one of the most crucial factor of its success. It became a basic necessity to get in relationship nowadays.
    ●We are social animals and this is social networking site. Success granted.
    -Self explanatory.

    Game on folks, believe!

  • its meh, but I sometimes log on to talk to some people way out of reach.

  • i only keep it so i can keep in contact with friends etc. i absolutely hate it and do nothing except for message people and update my picture a few times a year

    • everyone says this but wouldn't it be just as easy to text them or call? Yes it would be :-)

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    • @chuppachup Facebook isn't free. If you are using it you are using data or internet services. And there are plenty of apps that you can text and call with that use that same data or internet. And with the amount of carriers out there offering low plans for unlimited talk time I don't see how Facebook is more cost effective

    • i don't pay for facebook specifically. on my phone, i pay for access to the internet and facebook happens to be an app that requires internet access.
      And no, texting is quite costly for me so I prefer facebook

  • I have no clue.

  • U just stop using the word everyone and the mystery is solved.

  • It's addicting to see what other people do even when you get little enjoyment out of it.


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  • I think how dumb facebook is, or isn't, is all in how you, and the people you are connected to, use it.

    If people post things that annoy me, I either drop them, or I reduce their visibility on my newsfeed.

    I log into FB everyday.

    It's one part entertainment, two parts fun (groups and games) and two parts social (groups and friends)

    I mean really, how is it any different them people at work or school gushing over Kim Kardashian?

    oh right, with the click of my mouse, I can make it go away on Facebook.

  • Because it's a cool thing to say that you hate Facebook. It's like saying in Highschool that you haven't learned for a test but you actually did, because you wanted to pass.
    However I like Facebook since I get happy from reading other people's joys and Facebook is sometimes the only way I have some sort of contact with people. Like my grandma who lives in Portugal and who I see only once a year.

  • I can't stand Facebook for more than 5 minutes.. It's so dumb

  • I don't have a facebook id anymore.

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