[The thinking series] Q1: "A knight is rendered obsolete in the absence of castles"?

"A knight is rendered obsolete in the absence of castles". What do you think when you read that phrase? Can you develop some personal thoughts on it down in the comments?

the best answer in terms of thinking process, presentation and arguments wins mho.


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  • Whenever you do something or say something, make sure it is appropriate for the occasion. Don't say or do random sht for the sake of random sht.


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  • As soon as gunpowder was invented they could blow through those castle walls, and now had use of guns therefore no need for knights unless knights switched their swords for a gun. My guess anyway.

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    • it was a nice approach. but very economics oriented. economy is a byproduct of strategy not the opposite. i dont hate on your comment, i just dont accept it as complete. you shouldnot be afraid of thinking or even losing while at it. its great actually.

    • I didn't really care about it so I didn't put much effort into an answer, and that's why I wrote I shouldn't have bothered. I wasn't worried about losing. ;)

      It's all good. 👍🏻

  • If there are no castles then what's the point of there being a knight?

    • correct. can you develop that any further? can you make it something relateable to our modern and daily life?

    • also what's rendered obsolete first? the knights or the castles?

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  • I can only tell through voice but skin tones And facial features are so much alike these days you can hardly notice the difference

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