Why are people so mean?

a lot of people like to hate on celebrities even though they never met them, and a lot of people swear and use really offensive words such as the b word. Like is it usually the way they were raised or something else?


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  • I think the issue with celebrities, especially reality TV celebrities (Kardashians, etc) comes from a place of envy... But also, a frustration about the obsession people have about these celebs. Just as many people refer to celebs as if they know them personally, even intimately... That's frustrating... Lol
    The way people express themselves is definitely reflective of their upbringing and education.
    I would never call Kik Kardashians a "bit%h", but I would say, "the reasoning that people use to justify why they sit and watch this woman for 30 mins a week is beyond my comprehension"... Lol

    • lol thanks for the comment. Yea, I suppose that makes sense. I personally don't understand why people are obsessed with reality tv stars as well. I think on screen, people behave a certain way because they know they're being watched, so I don't see the point of shows such as those. But mostly, I don't get why people are obsessed with looking at somebody else's life and obsessing over them.

    • I agree, wholeheartedly! 😉

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  • Well, there are celebrities, and then there are "celebrities"

    And in a society where we tell people they'll be successfull if they educate themselves and work hard, it's just painful to realize that this is rarely the case.

    I can see why watching someone with no skills, no talents, no intelligence, and overall being a pretty useless human being, raking in more than you could earn in a lifetime by actually doing something, is excruciatingly painful.

    It's just a paradox to the whole idea of education and effort.

  • Yeah i know, some on hear anon male called me a fuck face b***** and a monkey and no latina would be attracted to me, just because i said ariana grande is my celeb crush

    • wow, see that's what I'm talking about! it's like people don't care what comes out of their mouth.

  • i1127.photobucket.com/.../...f.com-add-text_15.gif People that's how we was raised up -_-


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