What would your reaction be if you where in a clothing shop and someone of the other gender said can I get your opinion of my ass in these pants?

Guys, say a girl said to you I am wanting a guys opinion as I want my ass to look good for the guys. Girls, say a guy said to you I am wanting a girls opinion because I want my body including my ass to look good for you girls.

  • Sure turn around and then give them a full honst opinion of what you thought.
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  • Give them an opinion but hold back a bit on expressing your thoughts.
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  • Be uncomfortable about it but give an opinion anyway.
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  • Say I really am not comfortable with this.
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  • Run away. Out of the shop and somewhere where they are not.
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  • Other, please explain.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • hahahaha, I think I've been there.. I will never ask this though.. seriously? lol.. Sorry dude, I was wondering.. how does my butt looks in these jeans?

    • Yeah if a girl asked me that I would be like mmmmm should I be honest with what I think or is she going to start drama if I am. So it would make me think.

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    • Yeah I don't say things like what butt. Hey can you please answer my latest question?

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What Girls Said 2

  • I guess it depends. If both of us are alone it might seem creepy. If I'm with multiple people or they're with multiple people it seems more like harmless fun.

  • Tell him he should ask someone else because I'm bad at rating butts.


What Guys Said 3

  • I've had that happen to me 3 times in my life thus far. Every single time I took advantage of the situation by saying "Come here right quick and let me see"... ofc I put my hands around their waist as if we were hugging... then slapped it and sent them on their way after telling them "dat MF sit upright.. so you good" LOLOL #TrueStory

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    • They blushed and walked away with a smile on their face/continued shopping

  • i'd just say my opinion... i'm not an ass guy :-P

  • tell em it's bootylicious 8)

    • What if her reaction was to slap you?

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    • Exactly if a girl said that to me. I am pretty sure I would feel very uncomfortable. I have no idea if she is a trouble maker or not and us men have to be very carful.

    • some of these bitches just trying to land ya in jail ! dont trust none of em